Inspiring the Leaders of
the New Crypto World
Expert in the Future of Money Investor Author International Speaker
Inspiring the Leaders of
the New Crypto World
Expert in the Future of Money Investor Author International Speaker
Inspiring the Leaders of
the New Crypto World
Expert in the Future of Money Investor Author International Speaker

Inspiring the Leaders of
the New Crypto World

Expert in the Future of Money Investor Author International Speaker

Inspire and Promote Change

The future of money – Cryptocurrencies and Web3 – Women, money and power – Digital transformation – Innovation – Diversity and Inclusion – Entrepreneurship – Female leadership

Unicoin is democratizing the wealth creation. A new way to invest in a revolutionary next-generation crypto, estable, profitable, audited and transparent.

Unicorn Hunters

Join the circle of money!

Join Steve Wozniak, Lance Bass, Rosie Rios, Moe Vela, Alex Konanykhin and me for the only show that can make you a millionaire!

Masterclass – The keys to entrepreneurship

Silvina is the mentor of a school for entrepreneurs. Would you like to have her as your mentor? Don’t miss this show, only on E! Online Latino.

Visionary Keynote Speaker

Silvina Moschini, the first Latin American woman to bring a company to “Unicorn” status in 2020 and one of the most forward-thinking women in tech, inspires audiences to change the world by thinking big.

Her powerful, energetic, and candid approach to entrepreneurship and female leadership has gained the attention of thousands around the world.

About regulation and crypto

Web Summit Qatar | Silvina Moschini about Entrepreneurs and the Future of Money.

Web Summit Qatar | Silvina Moschini about Decrypting the Digital Economy

Silvina Moschini – Founder, Chairwoman and President, Unicorn Hunters – UNICOIN

Awards & Recognitions

“Woman of the Year
in Disruptive Sectors by ONU Mujeres América Latina y el Caribe and Pacto Global Colombia”

“Latina Powerhouse Top 100 by Hola! USA”

“The most innovative projects with global impact”

Woman of the Decade”

“Women in Tech Lifetime Achievement Award”

“Silvina is part of the LinkedIn Top Voices, global collective, an invitation only community that includes the world’s foremost thinkers, leaders, and innovators.”

Latest News & Articles

Silvina Moschini is the woman who broke the glass ceiling of startups in Latin America – her company achieved unicorn status


Silvina Moschini, the Argentine entrepreneur on the way to being the next pink unicorn tells us how women can raise capital


Latest News & Articles

  • Blockchain firm Unicoin plans to go public in US market
    on June 27, 2024 at 12:00 am

    Alex Konanykhin explains how Unicoin’s portfolio is just the funding needed to assure their ability to turn Unicoin into a leading cryptocurrency brand and popularize its advantages.

  • Navigating the global crypto landscape
    on May 31, 2024 at 12:00 am

    Alex Dominguez, CIO of Unicoin, explains how this will be an important year going forward for crypto due to the framework being created in the next 12-18 months.


“You are inspiring us to work differently. You are setting the standard for how remote work is going to be and how more and more women are going to participate.”
Silvia Davila, Regional President Latin America Danone
“You are marking the path, that many will follow as an example and that will be a very useful platform for more women to integrate into work life and become financially independent so we can reverse this trend that we have lived for centuries in our region.”
Mónica Flores, President Manpower Group Latin America
"It has been an honor to have the participation of Silvina, who inspired us with her speech ‘Technology as a catalyst to close the gender gap’, an issue that is undoubtedly vital for the inclusion of women"
Beatriz Helena Gonzalez, Executive Director
"She inspired our entrepreneurs to be, to do and to trust. Silvina is such a relevant agent of change in this context to create a change, a multiplier effect in our society."
Ana Victoria García, Founder of the Business for Women Academy

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    Actionable experiences facilitated by Silvina and her team.

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