iPad To Rule The Business World

Launched this April, iPad has instantly become the stellar digital device of the decade, with over 3 million units sold in just 80 days. US electronics retailer BestBuy earlier declared that iPad sales had slashed the sales of laptops by half and, according to Bernstein Research, iPad is set to see US$12 billion in global sales of the year, with another US$20 billion expected next year. 

The latest user survey by AdColony demonstrates that about 60% of iPad users are university graduates or above, almost half earning an income of US$100,000 or more. Many advertisers could hardly imagine a more desired market segment, so having a iPad solutions has overnight become nearly as necessary as having a website. Most biggest brands including top news providers, luxury beauty and fashion brands, FMCG companies, hotels, airlines, entertainment providers, even schools and universities, are already investing millions to build and compete for brand presence via imaginative iPad applications. 

There are reasons why iPads, far more than Netbooks or smartphones, is best suited for the business executives. Its sleek, design-driven touchscreen experience makes compelling presentations and emotive branding impact, an excellent device to woo clients and consumers alike, especially for the servicing industries and people-focused brands. iPad’s easy interactive platform means that business executives using iPad can browse information anytime, faster and easier than ever. For example, iPad applications offered by FT and CBS News and many other publishers, are designed to serve business users with super-easy navigation and highly visual contents at a glance. 

Countless iPad applications have been developed to empower users with productivity-enhancing functionality. With these iPad functionalities and applications, jetsetter executives can better manage and streamline workflows, increase flexibility, saving considerable time and resources.

According to the Apple Insider, an enhanced 7-inch version of iPad is now on its way. Rumoured to launch early next year, the gadget will feature a Retina display, a camera and a micro or mini USB port, and is expected to sell 45 million units in 2011 alone. 

Business platforms, market knowledge, advertisers and client base are all driven to support the iPad revolution, and those quickest to catch this digital development will be the first to profit and maximise opportunities out there. The question is no longer why to own an iPad, but how to ride on its wave.