Content, the key to successful social network campaigns

What is needed to capitalize on the potential of social networks for online positioning? There are people who mistakenly think that just being present is enough. They think that all you need to do is open a free account on FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn, complete the profile with a few pictures and some content, and then sit back and await the flood of visits and communications. 

Nothing could be farther from the truth, however. The competitive world of online marketing offers companies huge opportunities to develop creative, orderly, and most of all, consistent long-term social media campaigns. Those who believe that a casual presence on the social networks will bring them some revenue can sit and wait in front of their screens, but no results will be forthcoming.

Add value for users

The objective of any company looking for a social media presence is to create a relationship with users that generates new business opportunities. For users to show interest in following a company profile on a social network, however, it is necessary that they get something in return.

The first thing a company must ask itself in developing a social media positioning strategy is this: what added value can I offer my clients? It can be news about products, articles related to the market, exclusive benefits for followers, promotions, or discounts. It must be something more than simple contact. Remember that users do not want to be “just friends” of your brand. They will show real interest only if they derive some benefit in return. 

Establish a regular presence

A key to holding on to users’ interest is to establish a regular posting rhythm and stick to it over time. Users will know that you have an effective presence on the net and will be waiting for your news. Ideally, you will elaborate a content strategy, taking into account the following recommendations: 

– Pick a subject for each day of the week: For example, on Mondays you can launch a special promotion for your followers; on Wednesdays, offer surveys in which your visitors can participate; and on Fridays, publish images of your business. With this kind of pattern, you will raise expectations, and users will know what to anticipate each day. 

– Share different types of content: Social networks allow publishing content in different formats, and variety can help attract more users. Some users who might not find an article appealing would like to answer a survey, perhaps, or watch a video or see a picture.

– Plan your publications on a calendar: Make sure that you always have content ready, so you can keep users’ attention, set goals, and evaluate results.

– Do not forget that the most important thing is interaction: Listen to what users have to say. This will help you revise your strategy and evaluate effectiveness. Try to encourage dialogue and respond courteously and quickly to users’ questions. Always honor the brand’s style, but do not forget that social networks are, above all, communication platforms, so make sure your messages are personal.