Chrome for Android: What more can you ask for?

In 2008, Google launched the Chrome web browser with the objective of improving the user web experience. Now, four years later, and after having been well received by the market, the application is now available for mobile phones and tablets with the Android 4.0 operating system, and can now be downloaded from Android Market. The new fusion has everything necessary to be a success. According to the latest data released by Google, there are now 250 million active Android devices in the whole world. With an average of 700,000 activations daily, the number of tablets and smartphones based on the mobile operative system has grown by 25% in only two months.

Designed for mobility

For some users, mobile phone browsing can be awkward and slow. For that reason, Google has emphasised that the new mobile version of its browser has been specially developed to function Chrome fast.

What’s more, one of the things that stand out among the fundamental characteristics of the new version are the redesigned tabs, which adapt themselves to the size of each device, allowing the possibility of browsing through an unlimited number of windows. Selecting the correct link on small screens is often difficult. Chrome Beta for Android also aims to solve this problem with the incorporation of the Link Preview feature, which permits access to thumbnail descriptions that enable us to select the link we want.

But maybe the most revolutionary function that the Android version of Google Chrome presents is the possibility of taking the browsing experience from one device to another. Using the same access account on their PC, tablet or smartphone, users can access their favourites or the last tabs they opened without worrying about which device they are connecting from.

Beta Chrome for Android can now be downloaded from Android Market, although for the moment it is only available for the 4.0 version of the mobile operating system and only in certain countries. Mobile browsing is no longer an exception, and it is to be hoped that in a few years it will end up becoming the rule. Now, when connecting to the multiple tools available on the web, the place in which we find ourselves has ceased to be important. What is important, in reality, is being able to count on practical, easy to use and efficient tools which enable us to obtain, at every moment, the best experience in our online activities.