Facebook Usage during Work Hours Triples: TransparentBilling.com eliminates time wasters from billable hours

Now, there’s a new business solution that enables companies to find out what their employees are doing during work hours and how it’s impacting their productivity.

Transparent Billing is a project management tool that automatically takes screenshots of the user’s activity on the job, tracks their billable hours and allows employers to monitor the progress of projects in real time. This web-based application is designed to increase workforce effectiveness and corporate profitability.

“The Transparent Billing application was developed by KMGi to provide a clear, easy and controlled environment for computer-based projects,” says KMGi CEO Alex Konanykhin “It also provides protection from contractor overbilling.”

Transparent Billing gives managers the freedom to operate from any location while maintaining oversight over their entire workforce, including in-house employees, telecommuters, remote and offshore staff as well as outside contractors. The tool also protects workers’ privacy and is compliant with all applicable laws.