‘Miss internet’ Moschini: «Women need to work in a way that works for them»

hundred thousand job opportunities for freelance women by 2020. That’s the shared goal announced by «SheWorks», a cloud-based technology platform that provides women access to remote jobs around the world, and EY, a global leader in audit and advisory services which started a collaboration to tap into the “Gig Economy” in June. Silvina Moschini, SheWorks Ceo and founder, says: «Our purpose is to connect the dots between online education, global employment and remote workforce management. We want to enable women to work in a way that works for them». That’s why her network, on one hand, helps companies to find flexible workers and on the other strengthens women employability.

«We create incredible ‘virtual teams’ by matching freelance expertise to the requirements of our clients ensuring the best fit and maximum productivity». As a result, geographical barriers are irrelevant.«Many of our remote workers, reporters, graphic designers, content developers, live in small towns in the middle of nowhere, in Patagonia or in Argentina for example, but that doesn’t stop them from collaborating with tech giants such as Google or Microsoft».«Sheworks» also aims to safeguard the employability of workers through training and reskilling. «We help girls to build their own brand and in order to achieve that we have partnered with Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Cisco to provide access to free courses that allow women to grow and remain competitive. Now EY’s leadership in innovation, global scale and commitment to women economic empowerment will be instrumental for us to build one of the largest professional network of female talent in the world».

Julie Teigland, EY regional managing partner – Germany, Switzerland and Austria and EY global leader – Women. Fast forward adds: «At EY we strive for inclusive growth not only in the business but for society as a whole. Every year, millions of professional women leave the workforce because they cannot find the flexibility they need to balance work and life». A problem that can be solved with the help of technology. «Today, the opportunities to work outside the confines of traditional office spaces and hours are enormous. This is even more enhanced by the ability to learn and develop, leveraging on-demand digital technologies to gain skills and credentials in a wide variety of fields. SheWorks! is an outstanding example of how new technologies can be applied in a smart way to make jobs accessible to women», she concludes. In October Sheworks and EY will attend the W20 Forum in Argentina, led by the Argentinian entrepreneur Susana Balbo. The  W20 group is working to accelerate on gender equality and the forum will address how to progress on labour inclusion and the urgency for women economic empowerment among other issues. For a better future and a more equal society.