South Summit Startup Competition 2019 | Finding The Next Unicorn

This year, the event was an immense success exceeding 20,000 participants ranging from startups, speakers, investors, top founders, and CEOs! South Summit is an exclusive space for the investment community; with an investment portfolio 120 billion dollars and access to the investors den where meetings can take place, ideas are shared, and deals are closed.

Silvina Moschini, President and co-founder of TransparentBusiness and expert in digital transformation, participated in South Summit as a keynote speaker on how to create large-scale business with digital disruption and to recruit the best talent in the market, no matter where they live in the world. When technology is applied to cloud transparency it opens up an immense range of employment opportunities and inclusive hiring!

Silvina also participated on the IN3 panel “Spanish Entrepreneurs Who Succeeded in the US” among other incredible business leaders including Miguel Arias, Global Entrepreneurship Director at Telefónica (Moderator), Laura Urquizu, Founder of RedPoints, Pepita Marín, CEO & Co-Founder at WeAreKnitters, and Luis Sanz, Founder of Olapic, CEO of CARTO.

Be sure to check out the event highlights and impressive lineup of startups: