TransparentBusiness Is Selected To Participate In The 2019 Google Launchpad Accelerator Program

TransparentBusiness was selected among more than 120 startups from the region, after passing a rigorous evaluation process. This program will allow entrepreneurs to scale their products, overcome challenges in terms of technology, and establish a networking connection with entrepreneurs from the region and Silicon Valley.

The list of talented entrepreneurs include:

The goal is to focus on new innovations and new technologies that are scalable but also high impact. All of the companies from either Mexico, Argentina, Colombia or Chile are trying to overcome challenges through technology in their respective industries. Our focus is bringing transparency and technology to the hiring landscape in Latin America to allow an immense range of employment opportunities and inclusive hiring.

At the end of this program, TransparentBusiness will become part of the international Google Launchpad Accelerator alumni group, where it will join other world-class Latin American companies such as Quinto Andar, Portal Telemedicina, Creditas, Platzi, Konfio, Ualá, La Haus, Kichink, Compara Online, Tienda Nube, y Miroculus, among others.

Link to Announcement: