Women Breaking Barriers 365 Days a Year

Women’s Day is all about progression and unity. This celebration marks a call for action for economic equality while also celebrating women’s achievements, recognizing all of the passionate, and driven women that inspire us on the daily. We have seen many breakthroughs since the first Women’s Day in the early 1900’s: more women in leadership positions, women entrepreneurship is skyrocketing, new policies have been put in place, a higher rate of advanced education is being attained, and the list goes on!

Here’s to #GirlPower

1. Closing the gender gap would inject the global GDP with 12 trillion dollars by 2025;

2. Women take 8 out of 10 purchasing decisions;

3. Women on boards outperform their male counterparts by 16%;

4. Empowering women entrepreneurs would increase the global GDP between 3 to 6%.

The speed of technological disruption is at an all-time high. News flash! A desk and/or office no longer defines a workspace and companies now have the opportunity to build more diverse teams accessing untapped female talent from all across the globe. Location, where you choose to work, and time zones are now irrelevant. If there is access to the internet and the ability to work from a computer, companies can empower women to work remotely providing flexible workplace arrangements, online collaboration tools, and non-traditional working hours, all in support to bridge the talent gap. This is the future of work, and it’s happening now.

At SheWorks! we are extremely proud to support amazing women entering the workforce on their own terms. We offer flexible working arrangements, connecting them with leading employers with the utmost transparency. No walls, no limits!

We invite you or the talented women you know, to join the women-powered work revolution and become part of our remote workforce. We want you to thrive in the digital working world by creating a space where professional growth can be attained at your own pace, and you feel valued by the companies you are working with. Be sure to check out current available job opportunities!

We also invite employees to reap the benefits of gender diversity and hire talented women from the SheWorks! platform. SheWorks! makes the hiring process easy and seamless, allowing to engage, collaborate, manage, rate, and pay the best-suited women, all in a single platform. Be the change in support of closing the gender employment gap, and start building your dream team now!

Because WOMEN are … talented, capable, diverse, creative, empowered, ambitious, strong, confident, determined, passionate, unstoppable, we break barriers all over the world today, and everyday. Happy Women’s Day!