UNICORN HUNTERS: Entertainment and investment opportunities for founders and potential investors

As one of the executive producers who also doubles as a judge on this show, I must say I am delighted because this show affords me the opportunity to meet outstanding entrepreneurs with brilliant minds and ideas, who need exposure for investment.

For me, having the decision to invest in a particular company is more about the people. It is not solely about maximizing profit, but about the impact of the company.

I believe in companies whose missions align with the bid to make the world a better place for all. I am always pleased to meet entrepreneurs with a mission and vision that involve bringing about positive changes in people’s lives, ensuring environmental sustainability, creating job opportunities, proffering solutions to diseases, and most importantly, offering new ways for an inclusive society and a better working environment. That’s how I waive the decision-making process. 

Unicorn Hunters: creating access to innovative entrepreneurs 

The companies that appear in our show are highly vetted by partners like Google, Microsoft, and Innpulsa to cover business aspects. 

The big factor that distinguishes this show from other shows is the creation of access without boundaries. Unicorn Hunters is aimed at creating access to innovative entrepreneurs. They are given the opportunity to pitch their creative ideas to the world. 

These startups and emerging companies gain uninhibited access to potential investors with no sentiment to color, gender, or race. Everybody has equal access to the show. Suffice to say inclusiveness is the mantra at Unicorn Hunters.  

Unicorn Hunters: creating access to innovative entrepreneurs

As a woman entrepreneur, I want to allow Latin women entrepreneurs equal opportunities to get the money they need to grow their businesses and the possibility to partner with companies around the world investing in these startups. 

“The world needs more millionaires, not billionaires”

We also believe that Unicorn Hunters is a window where people can potentially become millionaires as we bring interactive components that can allow people to become more prosperous.

We believe the world needs more millionaires, not billionaires, which is why anyone in the world can support and invest in these fantastic entrepreneurs from all over the world.

For me, this show and the opportunities that we are giving to the people are personal. This is because I had the privilege of having people around who believed in me, in my dream, and thanks to that, my company was valued as a Unicorn. I think we offer the same opportunities for other entrepreneurs.

During the first season of the show, we had over 60 million dollars in commitments for investments for the companies we represent, and we are just starting. So, we believe, and we are confident, that they can reach significant amounts by bringing anyone as partners in the companies, and invest in their businesses as well as invest in their success and the success of everyone.

Thanks to The Washington Post for this conversation. I must reiterate that it is vital to democratize investments and help entrepreneurs in their way to succeed. This is best achieved by helping others with their projects and startups. They just need a window to pitch the world, and that is what Unicorn Hunters Show is here for.  

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