Crypto Meets Real Estate: How Blockchain is Transforming Property Transactions

The real estate and cryptocurrency industries have both grown significantly in recent years and undergone momentous changes. While the real estate market has seen a boom in recent years, it has recently seen a slowdown, with homes remaining longer on the market and buyers and sellers struggling more to agree on a price. In parallel, cryptocurrency has emerged as an alternative form of currency that operates independently of government regulations and central banks.

How is cryptocurrency disrupting real estate? 

As these two industries begin to intersect, cryptocurrency is starting to change the way properties are bought and sold. Among the most notable benefits of cryptocurrency are its greater transparency, security, efficiency, and lower transaction costs. As people increasingly adopt cryptocurrency, we can expect to see it being used more frequently in real estate transactions and changing the way we purchase property.

In recent years, cryptocurrency has more commonly been used as a means of payment for properties worldwide. Spain leads the world ranking with the most properties available for purchase, with crypto with a total of 289 properties, ahead of Thailand with 227. In 2017, a Miami-based condominium developer sold 10 out of 12 units in Bitcoin, each costing US$1.5 million. In 2021, a Hong Kong-based company sold a luxury apartment for US$58 million in cryptocurrency, making it one of the most expensive properties ever sold using cryptocurrency.

The Impact of COVID on the Office Real Estate Market

In 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 obliged forced thousands of workers to have to work remotely, leaving many offices and commercial spaces vacant. Three years on and the commercial real estate market is still reeling from the impact of the pandemic. One of the most notable effects has been a decline in prices for office space, and as working remotely becomes the new normal, the prospect of “going back” to the office seems like a thing of the past. Given this new scenario, property owners of office space are exploring new options and opportunities, and the intersection of crypto and real estate is undoubtedly one of them.

The digital asset-backed the new way of maximizing the gains and lower the risks 

At Unicoin, we have discovered a new form of investing whereby you use your real estate as collateral to grow bigger and a lot faster than the property market. Our Buy Now, Pay Later program offers real estate owners the opportunity to use their properties as collateral to invest in Unicoin and increase the value of their money fivefold. Investors will have a year to raise the cash to cover the first 20% installment and five years to complete the payment. Through Unicoin, we aim to democratize access to wealth-building opportunities by giving people an innovative and lower risk way of entering the crypto market.

The intersection of the cryptocurrency and real estate markets is a new and rapidly expanding field that has the potential to revolutionize the real estate industry. The comparative advantages of cryptocurrency, including its greater transparency, security, efficiency, and lower cost transactions, make it an attractive option for real estate transactions. As cryptocurrency gains popularity, we can expect to see it increasingly transforming the real estate industry. At Unicoin, we are leading the way in devising innovative fundraising strategies that offer real estate owners and investors new opportunities to grow their wealth.

Foto de Bas van den Eijkhof en Unsplash