Real-life Monopoly: diversify and win with crypto

Which player were you when you played Monopoly? The one who won everything, the one who ended up broke, or the one who wanted to buy the most expensive property thinking this was the smartest move? The game taught us how to manage money and invest, but perhaps its most valuable lesson was that diversification is the most effective method to grow our investments because the player who has their assets distributed throughout the board archives higher profits and faster growth.

Now we can apply this knowledge to real life by investing in different assets while expanding our options in order to mitigate risk and increase our chances of success when we commit our money. We don’t want to be the first ones to lose the game and end up decapitalized through our first investment because we didn’t diversify; we want to considerably increase the return on our investment. 

This is particularly important in real estate, where it’s necessary to invest large sums of money and pay high commissions on transactions. This is why the crypto-based alternative of tokenization has gained followers so quickly. This is the process of converting real estate into digital assets based on the blockchain. This process allows real estate to be fractioned, democratizing access for those who can’t afford to buy an entire property. It also reduces commissions to a minimum and opens the market to any investor anywhere in the world. 

One attractive option is that you can now diversify your investments with Unicoin, a new-generation cryptocurrency that’s stable, audited, and generates dividends. And by paying with property, you obtain an additional 40% on your investment. That is, we offer the opportunity to buy Unicoins paying with a property at 140% of its valuation. So while Bitcoin was the big investment opportunity of the last decade, now there exists a new opportunity to generate wealth at the intersection between crypto and real estate.