Yandiki keeping creative heads in the cloud

Their technology also facilitates creating private Clouds of Talent, which translate to better coordination, productivity and scalability. At 1 year old, they are at the head of the class when it comes to clients with SONY, DDB and Google in their roster and the designation of Facebook Technology Partner. ad:tech was the ideal place to unveil their new status as New Yorkers because their clients include advertising agencies and major advertisers. They’re celebrating the move at ad:tech because, as Vice President John Min says, “This is the hot spot where all the decision makers are. We’re positioned for optimal exposure and engagement.”

The Yandiki platform enables companies to seamlessly augment their workforce for project specific work and switch on/switch off contracting. The talent from Yandiki is assessed with three different types of tests: English, Analytic Skills and Technical Skills. They are certified before becoming a part of the platform. There are three levels of expertise — Junior, Semi Senior and Senior — as part of the matchmaking process with the clients. Yandiki’s creative premium human resources are the solution when companies have a specialized need but don’t have a team member with the skills to address it, nor the budget space to hire another person.

With all the talent in the Yandiki roster uploaded onto their ​TransparentBusiness platform, professionals and clients are able to work together collaboratively, without having to be in the same place. 

Working in the Cloud has benefits for both sides of the employment equation. Professionals have the opportunity to work where they choose and work on projects with different companies around the world from the comfort of their own places. Clients have access the most highly qualified talent to step in and address their needs with no hassle.

The Yandiki team is committed to their idea of Brutal Transparency so much that they have named a platform after it. The powerful platform, ​TransparentBusiness, gives both professionals and clients the ability to work transparently and collaboratively. Professionals will be able to more easily manage the time they are allocating to complete the task, while clients will be able to take control of the task’s progress and the time and money spent.