Yandiki Launches Its Operations in New York

The bustling ad:tech expo which opened today in Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York became the stage for the “Grand Opening” of New York operations for Yandiki, an innovative company which enables businesses to access, hire, monitor, coordinate, rate and pay remote creative talent.

Founded in 2014 in Miami, Yandiki: Creative Talent in the Cloud already has an impressive list of clients, which includes SONY, DDB, Google, Cable&Wireless and InterAmerican Development Bank. Yandiki provides its clients with skilled, curated and tested talent. Additionally, Yandiki platform enables creation of enterprise-wide private Clouds of Talent, which greatly increase coordination, productivity and scalability.

Earlier this year, Yandiki was designated as a Facebook Technology Partner and featured on CNN.

“After validating our business model, we had to make the logical next step and introduce it in New York,” said Silvina Moschini, the co-founder and CEO of Yandiki. “We chose to do it at ad:tech, the primary trade show in advertising industry, as many of our clients are advertising agencies or major advertisers.”

“Relocating to New York City is a part of our expansion strategy,” explains Marcelo Altamura, co-founder and CSO of Yandiki. “Today we have seen great interest from many major agencies and advertisers, as our platform allows them to easily augment their workforce and manage their entire distributed workforce transparently and efficiently.”

Yandiki is a part of KMGi Group which has exhibited at ad:tech since 1998. “Our objective is to become the leading source of remote creative talent to advertising, entertainment and publishing industries, boosting their profitability,”  said Alex Konanykhin, co-founder of KMGi Group, “We greatly increase efficiency of outsourcing and telecommuting and enable companies to create and manage their private Clouds of Talent.”

Yandiki clients affirm the statements made by Yandiki co-founders.

“Although we are a publicly listed company, our business has to be extremely agile to maintain pace with user and content trends in a diverse set of markets. Yandiki enables us to remain nimble and cost-effective,” said Neil Hamilton, Vice-president of Business Development of Myriad (myriadgroup.com).

“As a company that went public nearly two years ago and is experiencing high growth globally, we need a partner that is just as efficient and creative as we are. Yandiki helps us with full transparency and gives us control of costs, while keeping rates competitively priced. I can rely on Yandiki to spin up a team of experts for any new projects spanning from translations to social creative and more in record speed,” said Linette Gomez, Global Lead at Criteo (criteo.com).

“After working with Yandiki for a while, I’ve found myself surrounded by a pool of resources available to me and my company…All this without me increasing headcount at my organization. It’s probably one of the most innovative business models I’ve seen,” saidRoberto Ricossa, Vice President of Aruba Networks, a HP company (arubanetworks.com).

For more information, please see Yandiki.comKMGi.com or contact Lucia Kolarovic through Email or (347) 352-8618

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