Unicorn Hunters featuring Margik a Disruptive Organic Electronics Company

Unicorn Hunters is featuring a disruptive organic electronics company led by an inspiring award-winning tech woman entrepreneur.

Unicorn Hunter’s new episode opens up to show us how innovation can light up the world with cost-effective electronic devices made with organic materials while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 60%.*

Unicorn Hunters is always on the hunt for projects with a strong value proposition, a unique form of business that includes innovations to improve our world. 

On our newest episode released last Thursday, August 18th, and now available on-demand, Unicorn Hunters feature Margik, a woman-owned company bringing the first-ever branding light-up products to market that are made with 100% earth-abundant and organic materials.

We look for companies with disruptive ideas that could change the world and transform the industry they are in while producing dividends for their investors, and Margik is not the exception.

Innovative companies emerge, keeping one step ahead to solve humanity’s problems. Companies like Margik Inc,  founded in 2019 by Ph.D. Margaret Kocherga, a nanoscale scientist whose passion for innovation took her to the laboratory, where she discovered a new way to produce light and reduce CO2 emissions.

From professional ballerina to award-winning tech entrepreneur, meet Margaret Kocherga, an inspiring Ukrainian female entrepreneur who change the stage for a laboratory where she found her passion and expanded her potential.

Margaret is a Ukrainian professional ballerina who emigrated to the US to perform ballet; as an immigrant, she arrived in the United States not understanding any English, and an injury changed her career path. She overcame all obstacles in her life and earned a Pd.D. in Nanoscale Science from the University of North Carolina. In 2019 Margaret founded Margik, a company whose mission is to become a leading, environmentally friendly contender, at the forefront of the electronics revolution. Her company addresses the need for customizable, durable, and reliable electron-hole transport materials, emitters, and co-emitters for manufacturers of organic electronic devices.  

Did you know that the common electronic devices in our modern lives produce over 2 million tons of CO2 emissions annually?

Electronic devices are an essential part of our everyday lives; they are everywhere – from cell phones to TVs and computers, but they are made out of toxic materials that not only produce CO2 emissions equivalent to 500,000 cars driving but also contaminate our soil and water.
Finding a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while supplying the LED devices that the world needs more sustainably isn’t a simple task, and that’s what Margik, led by Margaret Kocherga, was able to accomplish.

As a woman entrepreneur myself, I always believe that each one of us has the power to change our future and the world’s future if we put our focus on the big picture. The world needs positive changes with strong and resilient people to help build a better tomorrow for humanity. If we can positively impact more people, we should go ahead and do it, just like Margaret is.

Female tech CEOs empower each other!

Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.” – Said Serena Williams.

Being the female entrepreneur of the Circle of Money, I always cherish and encourage women to reach their full potential. I am passionate about innovation and business ideas, while embracing change-agents for the achievement of gender equality. 

A most recent gender gap study report published by the World Economic Forum revealed that we would need 132 years to close the #GenderGap globally. North America is the most advanced region in closing the gender gap, but we still are 62 to 59 years away from accomplishing it. With female entrepreneurs emerging with projects that could change the world for good, they collaborate and form connections of support. Katie H. Hotze, from Grocery Shopii has such a connection with Margaret; she’s fully supportive of the mission of Margik. 

I am delighted to see two strong, resilient, entrepreneurial women revolutionize the business world and positively impact the planet.

In 2022, we face unprecedented challenges: the rising cost of living, an ongoing pandemic, worsening climate change, and large-scale conflict and displacement. With the current Russo-Ukrainian war: wheat and oil shortages threaten the food supply in several countries, and high gas prices are affecting the supply chain and raising the cost of living. Europe is facing the worst refugee and energy crisis since World War II and is suffering from the 40% cost increase of natural gas.

However, there’s still hope for the world – new biotechnology is emerging to create a more sustainable reality.

Join me to discover how Margaret emerged with a new organic electronics technology. If we can pave the way for other women and inspire others to support businesses that can change our world, we should do it.  Many challenges are yet to be overcome, but as long as we have faith and do our best to move in the right direction, we will begin mastering the challenges one by one and make a difference for future generations.