The best time to invest in the next generation of crypto is NOW!

Investing in crypto is a time-sensitive opportunity; you either get it first cheap and let it grow, or you take advantage of a crisis window to get the best possible price without certainty of the outcome.

Extreme volatility has always been an inevitable feature of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies backed by no assets, so the current meltdown of their value is nothing new. According to Forbes, September is historically the worst month for Bitcoin (BTC). The original crypto delivered an average monthly price drop in September of 8.5% over the last five years.

Early adopters who bought Bitcoins at about $3,300 found a return of nearly 2,000% when in 2018, Bitcoin reached the $19,783/coin price. Those who bought Bitcoins at their peak and sold them at their lowest worth lost a lot.

Cryptocurrency trends toward the future of investing

In August, cryptocurrencies endured another difficult month as the 2022 crypto winter dragged on. Renewed concerns about inflation and rising interest rates pressured risk assets, sending Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) prices lower.

Ethereum, a cryptocurrency and a blockchain platform, is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin; it will merge and become Ethereum 2.0: a network upgrades to a proof-of-stake system that could be a bullish catalyst for the market. Since early June, Ethereum has outperformed Bitcoin by 16%. The merge is expected to begin on Sept. 6, with an estimated completion date of around Sept. 15. If the merge executes without problems, experts say Ethereum’s price could rise above $2,000 by late 2022.

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Ethereum investors hope the merger will increase Ethereum’s utility and make it a more appealing investment for environmentally-conscious crypto investors. David Russell, Vice President of Market Intelligence at TradeStation, says Ethereum’s technical picture looks relatively bullish ahead of the upcoming merge. Still, there’s no guarantee the merger will be a positive catalyst. “It’s an interesting timeline with a lot of negativity in the market but a potentially positive catalyst on the horizon. Traders might sell the news once it happens, but it hasn’t happened yet,” Russell says.

Financial projections or futuristic scenarios for Ethereum or Bitcoin are not 100% clear, but most likely, they will recover their recent losses, but nobody can guarantee at what price they will settle. This recovery might take time, and it is for sure investors will never forget. 

The crypto market is transitioning to a more sensible business model

Savvy investors know the best approach is “invest in crypto when the time is right.”  And the right time is now, while the crisis still lasts.

The Crypto fear and greed index, which measures the market sentiment for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, indicates today’s extreme fear, which means people tend to sell their coins due to the sentiment of instability.

Undoubtedly, Crypto is indeed an option for digital money investment, but instead of getting an asset-less cryptocurrency, why not get a superior cryptocurrency: equity-backed and dividend-paying?

As our CEO Alex Konyanikin said: “We introduced Unicoin to address possibly the most acute problem of cryptocurrencies: extreme volatility. Even major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin go up and down so significantly that many investors, especially small investors have lost a lot of money. We bring back the gold standard into currencies, but instead of Gold, it doesn’t grow (“even if you water it every day”); we are going to use the equity in the companies that are either present in Unicorn Hunters or applied to present and have a strong investment value proposition. Introducing Unicoin we believe we are going to create a currency that is much less volatile and much more stable than currencies that are backed by no assets”.

The market of cryptocurrencies is adjusting to a more sensible business model where the inefficient and outdated concept of anonymity and decentralized coins are replaced with a new generation of cryptocurrencies, where there is nothing to hide and an entity as SEC looking after investors and their rights.

Now at Unicoin, our investors can start with a minimal amount of purchase of $1,000 USD and get their coins for 20 cents, or take advantage of the best price point of 10 cents while investing a minimum of $25,000 USD; early adopters are often not only the risk takers but also the big winners. The time to invest in is now!