Unicoin is committed to art to redefine the way people collect and invest

The future of asset-backed digital money is an investment in works of art that appreciate over time.

In recent days, we announced a new initiative to catapult art around the world. We’re allocating 15 million unicoins into an investment fund for the procurement and promotion of unique pieces and artists. You can read the full note here.

We have decided to invest in artists like Sebastian Masegosa, an artist with a long career in plastic arts, who offers us an alternative reality to what we experienced during the pandemic. Sebastian managed to conceptualize an abstract reality in seven paintings, communicating the chaotic reality the world experienced during that period, yet touching on coping with that reality and seeing the silver lining while in such an unfavorable situation.

Sebastián’s work reminds us how even in adverse circumstances, the order can prevail and how abstract ideas can coexist with creative fluidity. This is how we at Unicoin unite technology, art, and investment: concepts that at first glance may seem conflicting are, in fact, connected.

Our purpose of democratizing access to wealth generation is to promote innovation and art through the blockchain in hopes of building a better future.

Mind Games Artwork for Unicoin Global Art Initiative

Art as a means of expression is unique, unrepeatable, and has indivisible representation, making it a high-value asset that rarely depreciates. This adds unparalleled appeal to our portfolio of assets.

We want to redefine how people collect and invest, and rewrite the future of digital money by offering an alternative to diversify our portfolio and thus create a competitive advantage through assets of unique works of art.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with the art pieces, which are another form of asset backing Unicoin, and with our portfolio of assets.