Unstoppable School, female innovation in business

The second season of the Unstoppable School series began airing last week. During the first episode, we met 10 incredible women who shared their experiences and inspiring projects. All of them are talented entrepreneurs from different parts of Latin America.

Throughout my professional life, promoting and supporting female talent has always been a priority for me. Today, I am honored to have been asked to mentor this wonderful group of women in this E Entertainment original series, which, over 12 episodes, will showcase pure female entrepreneurship.

Every Thursday, participants in this reality show will get the opportunity to demonstrate how to expand their knowledge of leadership, strategic planning, economics, finance, and business planning with the help of expert mentoring. In other words, they will receive all the necessary skills to develop highly successful and competitive business ventures.

Why financing is key to scaling a business?

 Women are still underrepresented in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, with female-led companies accounting for only 5% of total technology startups and scaleups. Every startup starts off as an idea that its founders hope will revolutionize the market and satisfy pent up demand. However, when attempting to scale an idea to a new level where it becomes a profitable enterprise, many businesses hit a wall in finding funding.

I have first hand experience of this and can say that it is harder to convince investors to fund female-led startups than male ones. While there are still preconceived notions about the reliability of women in business which continue to hinder them from scaling their startups, Latin America has 59 startups that are run by women and that raised ~USD 4 billion over 71 rounds in 2021. 

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How Unicoin is a catalyst for female entrepreneurship.

 There is still a long way to go before women become perceived as trusted leaders of startups that are deemed worthy of financing. At Unicoin, we bet on talent rather than on gender. When creating Unicoin, we did so with the aim of opening up more financing avenues to entrepreneurs but also to create a platform that can help accelerate growth and scale innovative projects.

Unicoin is committed to helping innovative startups achieve unicorn status and supports all investors, regardless of their gender. At times of major uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market, we offer a next-generation asset-backed cryptocurrency model that promises stability and payment of dividends. The strength of Unicoin is a diversified portfolio of projects, many of which are led by successful women, such as Katie Hotze’s Grocery Shoppi. You can find Unicoin’s portfolio here.

I am convinced that helping women to grow successful startups will create a virtuous circle. Not only will they acquire more skills to further develop their businesses, but these successful enterprises will create jobs and help boost the economic well-being of families and communities in the future.

Tune in this Thursday for the next episode of Unstoppable School to find more about the incredible entrepreneurial journeys our guests embark on and discover which one will be the lucky winner of $20,000 help accelerate their startup.