Power, money, and Unicoin: How cryptocurrencies are empowering women to lead the digital financial revolution

Today, women make 80% of purchasing decisions and hold more university degrees and Master’s degrees than men. However, only now are many women starting to associate “money ” with “power ” and to feel the confidence to take control of how they invest.

Women’s financial empowerment is a trending topic and is an issue that I had the opportunity to discuss in a recent interview with Forbes.

Cryptocurrencies have become one of the most accessible investment tools for many people in recent times and opened up a new world of options for building and growing wealth. This unique opportunity has not gone unnoticed amongst Latin American women, who now make up 54% of cryptocurrency owners in the region.

Women need to stop feeling uneasy when it comes to thinking and talking about money and realize that it is ours and can do with it as we please, and that we have as much our wealth as we see fit. In the past, socio-cultural norms have prevented women from accumulating their wealth. But these invisible obstacles are slowly slipping away, and today we are becoming protagonists in the global economic development narrative. We deserve to be better compensated, to better negotiate our own rights, and to finally start to invest.

At Unicoin, we are committed to financial education, to providing advice on how to invest, when to invest, and where to invest. A lot depends on the level of risk each individual is willing to take, how they want to use their money, and how much they want to invest, in the understanding that investing always comes with its risks.

First-generation cryptocurrencies have been based on a decentralized system, with no backing. Generally, there has been no clarity, nor transparency about who or what is behind them and the level of supply and demand has resulted in high volatility.

At Unicoin, we created a second-generation cryptocurrency, which are more stable than their first-generation counterparts because they are backed by tangible assets such as land, properties, and company shares.

We resolved the volatility issue by combining elements of traditional financial markets with innovative blockchain technology.

Second-generation cryptocurrencies are regulated in the United States and have to publicly report, which has made them more attractive investors, particularly in the wake of the FTX debacle.

Over the last 10 months, Unicoin has sold US$350 million worth of coins and accumulated properties and land around the world as collateral.

Making an investment decision takes work. However, the bet for Unicoin is that more and more people will invest in crypto given that it is easy to access and is based on more solid, and well-founded, logic, provides greater transparency and is regulated. All of these factors help to make investing in second-generation cryptocurrencies like Unicoin an excellent option for women who want to accumulate wealth and to take a front seat in their investment decisions.