Navigating the choppy seas of entrepreneurship during times of crisis

Over the last year, more than 360,000 jobs have been cut by large technology companies and startups. While starting your own business during an economic downturn may sound like a risky prospect to some, many successful businesses have emerged during the worst crises, capitalizing on pent-up market demand and filling voids left by large companies.

Being an entrepreneur during a crisis is not easy, but it is not impossible either. It requires having an open-minded approach in order to be able to identify new opportunities and unaddressed market niches as well as to create new innovative services that meet and create demand.

Flexibility, agility, and creativity

Entrepreneurs must also be agile and flexible to meet the obstacles they face in this challenging economic environment and think out of the box to create efficient and sustainable businesses.

Nearly a year ago, we launched Unicoin a next-generation cryptocurrency, designed to be stable and pay dividends, at a time when all major cryptocurrencies were dropping in value: Solana had plummeted 18%, Ethereum was down 12%, Dogecoin dropped 11%, and Bitcoin had fallen 12%. Nonetheless, there was still a high demand for cryptocurrencies. Investors were looking for a virtual coin that could creatively provide stability amidst the highly volatile market of first-generation currencies. That was how Unicoin was born, a cryptocurrency backed by assets that provided tangible value and transparency.

Planning, execution, and differentiation

Companies need to tread carefully to survive tough economic times. They need to think strategically about how they can evolve along with the emerging trends of their chosen industry and how they can continue to expand to achieve their short-, medium-, and long-term business goals. Providing extra reassurances to investors is key to securing financing, which is a scarce resource these days.

From the outset, our plan of  first position Unicoin as the most attractive cryptocurrency in the market before tokenizing and listing it on exchange platforms, it is on the right track. Unicoin’s value has gone from 10 US cents to 50 US cents per unit in less than a year, and we expect it to reach US$40 by 2027.

Unicoin’s unique value proposition is to address the current market demand for transparency, regulation, and asset backing amid an unregulated, decentralized, and uncertain environment. 

You’re still on time to join Unicoin’s community and start to generate wealth.