Unicoin Women: Unlocking Opportunities for Women

Women have taken significant strides in their fight for gender equality but are still struggling to attain financial equality. Many women face systemic barriers that prevent them from achieving financial freedom, as I discussed in my previous article, “Overcoming the barriers to close the gender gap in crypto,” including: wage gaps, limited job opportunities, and unequal access to financial education and resources. Additionally, societal expectations and gender stereotypes can weigh on a woman’s confidence and influence their decision-making abilities to manage their own money. All of the above present tremendous challenges for women when seeking to take control of their finances and achieving long-term financial stability and must be addressed urgently.

To bring about meaningful change requires altering the relationship between money and power. Conscious of the unique challenges that women face when trying to invest, we decided to take action and create Unicoin Women, a program and community that provides a safe and supportive environment for women to learn how to invest and to achieve financial independence and security.

Our innovative program offers members virtual and in-person masterclasses and workshops in finance and other educational tools as well as exclusive opportunities to invest. The program is designed to break down some of the common obstacles that women face when investing in cryptocurrencies and suggests how to overcome them so they can embrace their full potential to generate wealth.

Access to Educational Content

Many women that have disposable income that could be used to increase their wealth feel that their lack of financial knowledge is holding them back. Knowing what your risk profile is and being able to identify which investment opportunities are the most appropriate for you are crucial steps to take when seeking to achieve greater financial empowerment.

Unicoin Women has partnered with a number of leading organizations that promote inclusion and gender equality. A complete list of these partner organizations can be found in our press release. The women that are selected to join our program will become part of a community and have access to top-level content that educates them on how to invest in the crypto age and how to take control of their financial future. They will also have access to world-class events, networking opportunities, and mentoring from experts, all of which will help them on their path to achieving financial freedom.

Exclusive Access

Unicoin Women members will also receive perks, discounts, and exclusive drops of wellness, beauty, and fashion products and services through its global and market-specific partners ecosystem. Members will also have access to an exclusive 10-year option program to buy the Unicoin cryptocurrency at a special price of 35¢/ú instead of $50¢/ú in April. 

Democratizing Wealth

We believe that all people should have the opportunity to invest and are optimistic that the cryptocurrency market will open up such opportunities for women and help narrow the gender gap in access to financial instruments. Latin America is currently the global leader in female cryptocurrency ownership, according to Gemini’s State of Crypto Report, with 43% of crypto owners in the region identifying as women. Moreover, a recent survey by eToro found that crypto is now the second most widely-owned asset class for young women aged 18-34, second only to cash.

A Supportive Community 

Having a supportive community for women can be a determining factor in helping women achieve financial well-being and success with their investments. When women come together to share their knowledge, experiences, and ideas, they can break down barriers and gain the necessary confidence to take control of their finances. The Unicoin Women community gives women a space where they can support each other, grow together and achieve financial freedom and independence together.

Women make eight out of every 10 household purchasing decisions and a higher percentage of women hold degrees in higher education than men. That is why we must start talking more about female wealth creation and financial power. Unicoin Women provides members with the necessary tools and resources to deepen their relationship with money, to unlock opportunities and help them attain greater financial freedom. 

Unicoin Women is designed for women who are seek to unlock exclusive investment opportunities and want to educate themselves on how to achieve financial freedom.