Colombia 4.0: Summit of Creativity, Technology, and Innovation

The most important digital creative content event in Colombia and Latin America took place over three days in Bogotá, where I had the opportunity to give two conferences on Unicoin and how the world of cryptocurrencies is redefining the future of money, as well as how to connect business innovation with digital assets to revolutionize the market.

That is why this technological summit has a very important value since Colombia is at the forefront of the financial revolution that is taking place in the world and it is important that as women entrepreneurs we continue to learn and educate ourselves to keep up with current events. 

The role of cryptocurrencies in the financial world revolution

There is a trend in the financial world suggesting a cryptocurrency-oriented economic transition as a new model despite skepticism.

In the digital age, cryptocurrencies are the next step in the evolution of money. That’s why it is important to understand trends, the market, and their fluctuations in order to invest intelligently. That is why we created The School of Investor a platform that provides the confidence and support necessary for you to gain tools, strengthen your network, and define your future through investment.

The growing interest of large companies in cryptocurrencies has been one of the key factors in the development of this digital currency. Although they are currently used as an investment tool, it is expected that in the future it will be used as a means of payment. However, many companies already accept cryptocurrencies in this way.

Normally the evolution of an industry is identified with the development of new technologies. This is how companies grow and become more competitive, generate higher yields, diversify their productivity, and obtain greater business growth.

Unicoin, a cryptocurrency to democratize access and promote entrepreneurship in Colombia

In Colombia, young entrepreneurs are talented and think big, and they risk adding a zero to their market, and not only the local market, but also the global one.

In association with Colombian companies like Innpulsa, our strategic ally, we want to expand the ecosystem so that more and more startups are created, and end up successful in the world. We want them to have more opportunities and more access.

And this is precisely one of the goals of Unicorn Hunters to generate new opportunities and democratize access to capital, allowing investment in highly scalable companies prior to going public.

Through the launch of the official Unicorn Hunters currency, Unicoin, we created a new opportunity to invest in companies with high growth potential and that generate returns through dividends.

Unicoin is based on two concepts: one that allows the search for unicorns through the show to support the currency and that investors can have a digital currency in assets that are growing, without risk due to market volatility.

Unicoin, la criptomoneda que democratiza el acceso al capital

“To innovate we have to experiment”

The inauguration of this forum was led by President Iván Duque and one of our Unicorn hunters, the legendary Steve Wozniak, who assured that Colombia could become the next Silicon Valley in Latin America.

Ivan Duque and Steve Wozniak in Colombia 4.0 Summit

“Everyone asks me where the next Silicon Valley could be, I think of Latin America and I mean Colombia, because I have had the opportunity to see how people use technology to advance,” said Wozniak.

Steve shared with young Colombian entrepreneurs his experience in the technology sector and knowledge; current trends in the industry, and how to take entrepreneurship to another level, in addition to perceiving technology as a tool for progress.

As unicorn hunters, it is of the utmost importance that young Latinos educate themselves and understand where the market, technology, and the world of investments are headed, to learn to invest intelligently, and how a well-executed idea can become a billion-dollar idea.

Technology is without a doubt the vehicle that allows us to solve the problems and challenges of our era.

I felt very honored and I thank the Colombian government for the invitation to this technological creativity forum. It was two amazing days of sharing our experience and our advances in investment, financing, technology; and sharing the new generation of cryptocurrencies with Unicoin.

Unicpin: the cryptocurrency of new generation - Silvina Moschini