Unicoin: The Cryptocurrency of the New Generation

The Family Office Experience event was held in Miami. It’s recognized for being a global community that organizes innovative conferences. During the event, I had the opportunity to present our Unicoin cryptocurrency. It’s designed to address the number one problem with cryptocurrencies: extreme market volatility, and to offer its holders protection against inflation.

Unicoin is part of the new generation of cryptocurrencies

Unicoin is part of the new generation of cryptocurrencies that will allow holders to receive dividends from a diversified portfolio of equity holdings in emerging growth companies. This portfolio will grow through the acquisition of capital, mainly through the investment of unicoins.

Our cryptocurrency is the only one of its kind as it serves to fund high-growth start-ups through its Global Innovation Fund, which will include equity positions in the many high-growth companies that apply to participate in Unicorn Hunters.

This means that the Global Innovation Fund that will result from Unicoin sales will not only allow more talented companies to obtain financing, but will also give Unicoin investors the opportunity to be part of a robust and diversified portfolio.

Thousands of brilliant ideas never materialize because traditional funding can’t keep up with innovation and founders don’t always have access to investors. Unicoin connects people who want to invest in ideas that make the world a better place with founders and startups through the blockchain.

Some investors were very attracted to our proposal; assured that “a meaningful cryptocurrency finally exists.” 

Silvina Moschini - ESADE Graduation ceremonysilvina moschini en la cumbre de Colombia 4.0 - criptomonedas y el futuro del dinero