Unicorn Hunters: Our Show Celebrates One Year Democratizing the World of Investments!

This month we celebrate the first year of Unicorn Hunters, where our mission continues to be to democratize access to capital for all people and to be a window for companies that have the potential to become Unicorns.

Throughout this year, we have received more than 200 million requests to invest in different companies through our global platform. In the twelve episodes that have aired, we have made known to investors from all over the world, extraordinary companies with potential for exponential growth.

With more than 16.3 million views and 124 thousand subscribers on our platform, I am proud to be part of the Circle of Money and to be able to give companies the opportunity to reach the next level, connecting them with our group of global investors, and linking them with like-minded sponsors.

Unicorn Hunters’ Circle of Money judges Rosie Ríos, Steve Wozniak, Lance Bass, Alex Konanykhin, Moe Vela, among other great guests, are visionaries and legendary in their respective industries. They are the investors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and celebrities who are creating a new culture, a new era of financing.

Unicorn Hunters has become a movement that everyone can belong to, allowing people to connect in unique ways and become aware of these kinds of opportunities.

The selected companies not only have the opportunity for world-class training and mentorship from top leaders with the experience to take the companies to the highest level of success, but also the opportunity for financing to achieve a trillion-dollar valuation.

This year has left us with many experiences and knowledge of incredible companies that are transforming the world, each bringing impressive technological advances aiding in different areas of the human experience. You can see the variety of achievement through each of our 12 episodes, with our 12 founders, on our digital platforms.

This year we celebrate the opportunity to grow the capital of different companies by empowering people to invest in entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and solutions for everyone.

We celebrate this new community, this cultural movement that was born from the first episode of Unicorn Hunters!

And we don’t stop here, because this year we launched our cryptocurrency Unicoin, the official currency of Unicorn Hunters, which is designed to combat market volatility.

The combined valuation of cryptocurrencies has reached $3.2 trillion, but the major coins are volatile and not backed by assets.

This is why Unicoin is the next generation of cryptocurrency that pays dividends and is backed by assets through the investment of unicoins in hundreds of growing companies with high expansion potential featured in our show and our associated media.

Unicoin is the fastest way to grow our investor’s portfolios, with tangible assets in technological innovations that will finance new ideas to improve our lives.

Currently, anyone can buy unicoins by entering our website unicoin.com and buy our cryptocurrency at the lowest public price on the market. We invite you to be part of this great movement by investing in companies with great growth potential through Unicoin where you will not only earn dividends, but also have a shareholding in a global innovation fund.

Join the celebration!

silvina moschini en la cumbre de Colombia 4.0 - criptomonedas y el futuro del dineroUnicoin - Silvina Moschini and Cris Carter