Tulum Crypto Fest: Wealth Opportunities and Tokenization on the Horizon

Crypto communities met in Tulum to share their experiences and views on how crypto projects and blockchain technology are already impacting and redefining people’s lives.

I have just returned from the Tulum Crypto Fest filled with enthusiasm after witnessing firsthand so many innovative ideas that are transforming the power of cryptocurrencies and tokenization. While some people still see crypto as a volatile and cyclical asset, that aspect is just a part of a much bigger story.

The Tulum Crypto Fest showed me the brighter side of Web3 and I learned about inspiring and disruptive ideas that are putting value and wealth creation at the center of all of their projects. I was fascinated by the stories told by Pablo González (Bitso), Roh Oliver (Parque Tec México), and Bibin Babu (CGO.5ire) and had the pleasure of sharing experiences with them while in the Whale Tank.

Blockchain technology has opened up a new path for innovation because it democratizes access to goods, services, and experiences that we thought were unattainable or, at best far off, less than a decade ago. Investor confidence in cryptocurrencies is increasing in Mexico and in the rest of Latin America, and I believe that this is a sign of a paradigm shift that is rapidly approaching.

Similarly, the tokenization of real estate is gathering pace and is beginning to emerge as a new and powerful chapter in the story of digital money. More people than ever are finding themselves able to purchase properties in destinations they never imagined were possible. Meanwhile, others are discovering that their properties have “crypto value” and can leverage the ecosystem to create liquidity and rapidly purchase real estate.

At Unicoin, we believe that blockchain is pushing forward a new type of innovation that is aligned with new ways of creating wealth. The Tulum Crypto Fest gave me a clearer view of the possibilities for wealth creation that are opening up and connected me with the dozens of inspiring ideas and projects that are working to reach that end.